ZOE, which emerged from the idea of creating a second life by combining the architecture of the Cyclades with the breeze of Alaçatı, invites you to happiness to have a nice holiday.

The culture called “Cycladic Culture” is a culture with a very smooth architecture that emerged in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, which created a strong mutual interaction between the Greek Islands and the Aegean Coasts and Western Anatolia.

By making use of this interaction, we aimed to synthesize the nature and art approaches of civilizations that seem very different from each other but are actually the same, under ZOE life. We imagined our hotel as a unique part of a living and evolving culture, beyond being a modern form of consumption. The diversity of this culture has given us a sense of life in order to be both happy and happy. This legacy has made it possible for us to be a part of our guests’ lives.

ZOE, as a noun, means LIFE. We, too, host you for good memories, friendships, and a new life experience.

Welcome to your home of life, which has been reached for everyone and can always be returned…